The Lyon of Big Oil
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Why has Chevron spent $2 million dollars supporting Pat Lyons and attacking Stephanie Garcia Richard?

Because they know he’s THEIR man in the State Land Office.

Big oil companies like Chevron stand to make BILLIONS from oil and gas extraction in New Mexico.

Big oil and gas want to protect their huge profits, made at our expense. That’s why they are spending millions attacking Stephanie Garcia Richard. They know she will stand up to Chevron and big oil for our families.


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Pat Lyons has bounced from one political position to another over the last 20 years taking care of friends, big donors and corporate interests every chance he got.

In 2010, the New Mexico Supreme Court overruled a shady land deal Lyons brokered in White Peak because it failed to follow state law (N.M. Supreme Court halts White Peak land swap: Attorney General says trades violate law, calls bidding process unconstitutional, Santa Fe New Mexican February 2, 2010).

Lyons has received millions from companies or individuals employed in the oil and gas or agriculture industries.  These are companies regulated by and who do business with the State Land Office. (NM Secretary of State; NM State Land Office) 

Many of them have active leases with the State Land Office including oil and gas companies, ranchers or dairy producers. (NM In Depth, September 18, 2018).


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The State Land Office administers millions of acres of trust lands and the revenue they generate for our schools, universities, hospitals and other important public institutions.

Unfortunately, the State Land Office has too often been controlled by powerful land developers and corporate interests.   

For too many years, the State Land Office has been beholden powerful extractive and development interests.   It’s time we elect someone who will protect our state’s future. 

We need a State Land Commissioner who will stand up for working families by responsibly using revenues from our public lands to invest in our children’s future. 



Stephanie Garcia Richard - The Courage to Stand Up to Big Oil

Stephanie has a long record of standing up to powerful, well-funded corporate interests like the oil and gas and other extractive industries.

Stephanie represented northern New Mexico for three terms, where she led the fight for our teachers and schools and co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to fully fund early childhood education for all our state’s children.

Stephanie is a native New Mexican and lifelong educator who was born in Tucumcari and raised in Silver City and followed in her father’s footsteps in becoming a teacher.

Stephanie understands how inadequate funding of our schools impacts our children and is committed to changing the direction of the State Land Office to focus on serving the children and working families in New Mexico, not powerful corporate interests and well-connected insiders.

As an educator, Stephanie knows first-hand how underfunding our schools impacts our children and future workforce.  She is running to change business as usual at the State Land Office.  She’s no “Good Ole’ Boy.”



End Insider Deals - Tell Chevron Our State Land Office Is Not For Sale!

We need a State Land Commissioner who works for us. Not Big Oil.

On November 6, Vote to protect our state lands for our current and future generations.  

Vote NO on insider land deals that hurt our schools and families. 

Vote NO on Patrick Lyons for Land Commissioner.

Early voting locations open in each county beginning on Saturday, October 20, 2018 and continue through Saturday, November 3, 2018.